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Who we are 

As a professional, family owned house cleaning company, we clean family houses, apartments and small offices in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and Etobicoke.  

We clean weekly, twice a week, biweekly and once a month. Other arrangements are available.  We also clean houses for a single event, such as move in,  move out etc.  and we work closely with  Real Estate Agents,  cleaning listed houses available for viewing.

Typical House  cleaning tasks

  • Cobwebs removed
  • All wall fixtures, lamps, picture frames basebords and  doors and window ledges dusted.
  •  Blinds dusted/vacuumed and/or wiped off with damp microfiber cloth.
  • Hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, basebords vacuumed and cleaned with wet mop.
  • Walls and doors spot cleaned.
  • Light switches and door handles sanitized
  • Mirrors and french doors cleaned shiny.
  • Personal items scattered throughout the house picked up 
  • Flat surfaces wiped off with a damp microfiber cloth
  • Entire kitchen cleaned thoroughly read more 
  • Bathrooms cleaned and sanitized thoroughly read more

    ..just ask us about any other cleaning request and we will perform it for you           

How much House Cleaning costs

The cost of house cleaning depends primarily on the size of the house (total living area, number of washrooms and number of bedrooms), and also on the overall condition of the house, meaning how clean the house is to start with.

Family size and presence of pets are also among the cost contributing factors.

In general the cost of cleaning service for a small to medium sized family home varies between $90 to $105 per cleaning session if cleaned once per week or bi-weekly. Larger houses for example 2500 square feet and up,  we will clean forin between $115 and $140 per cleaning session.

We also make arrangements for a partial hose cleaning what means we will clean required areas only, according to the customer budget and agreed specification.

People say about our service

"After you cleaned my house, it looks amaizing. Thank you!"

"It shows that your maids are truly very happy employees."

" My house looks so clean now, as never before" 

"Your teams cleaned my house in a much shorter time than previos service,  and house feels much cleaner"

"Thanks for this great job, the house was sold for $30K above the asking price"

"Your service is overall less expensive than others"

"I will recommend you company to my friends"

"It is less expensive than I thought and the results are fantastic"

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